Why LED Lights?

Traditionally, light bulbs with higher Watts are perceived to be brighter and better lighting choices. However, with the proliferation of LED bulbs, the Watt perception has been revolutionised. A 6W LED light bulb can now have the same brightness as a 60W traditional light bulb. This indicates lower energy consumption, with equal, or even… Continue… Continue reading Why LED Lights?

Lighting Ideas for Modern Scandinavian Homes

When it comes to Modern Scandinavian, think simplicity, functionality and minimalism. It is also important to have sufficient natural light streaming into your home, for an appealing and well-lit Modern Scandinavian home. Intuitively, lights should also be fuss-free and no frills, but at the same time, should be able to add a certain visual dynamic…… Continue reading Lighting Ideas for Modern Scandinavian Homes